Leading Smart

The podcast about Managing in the Brainpower Age.

It’s a field guide to joys and challenges of leading and working in the modern workplace.

I’m your guide to the stories and ideas that I hope will inspire you to be a better leader in the world of knowledge work.

Two Episode Flavors

Leading Smart episodes come in two flavors that alternate weekly: insight episodes that offer stories and ideas on managing and building teams, and conversations with leaders who share their journey and perspectives.


  • Focus on a specific leadership challenge
  • Presented from my perspective
  • Told in a story-based format
  • About 20 minutes long


  • Interviews with experienced leaders
  • Present their journey and perspective
  • Insights from people who’ve been there
  • Less than an hour long

New Episodes Weekly

New episodes of Leading Smart are released early each Thursday morning. Each page here has room for your comments or feedback, or you can send and email to pod@clwill.com. Let me know what you think.

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