The Leading Smart podcast is the show about Managing in the Brainpower Age. It’s a field guide to joys and challenges of leading and working in the modern workplace.

Stories, Ideas, & Insight

I’m your guide to the stories and ideas that I hope will inspire you to be a better leader in the world of knowledge work. I’ll be drawing from my own experience as a 40-year veteran of the corporate world, and also having been in the top HR job near the top of the Fortune 500. I’ve not only been a lifelong student of organizational dynamics, but also leader of some very large and successful teams. I’ll relate some of the lessons I’ve learned through the years, and provide insight on how to manage in the Brainpower Age.

A field guide to Managing in the Brainpower Age

Bite-sized Value

In each episode, we’ll explore everyday problems and provide practical tools you can use to be a better and smarter leader. The episodes are bite-sized, targeted to be about 20 minutes, just long enough to provide great value for your precious time. Each episode page also has room for your comments and feedback, or you can send your feedback to Let me know what you think.

New episodes every Thursday.

New episodes of the podcast are released every Thursday.

The challenges of leading in the Brainpower age exist across a broad range of disciplines and industries. Whether it’s in the corner office, the classroom, the laboratory, the courtroom, or the studio, smart people can be difficult to hire, motivate, review, reward, or fire. Sometimes coping with these issues requires skills and techniques that aren’t obvious. Subscribe to the Leading Smart podcast and we’ll explore them together.


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