Blog Manifesto

Apparently every web log needs to begin with a manifesto, like Charles Foster Kane’s Declaration of Principles for the fictional New York Inquirer in “Citizen Kane”. It seems that, without it, the audience never can understand the point of the whole thing. Not one to buck tradition, here goes:

Kane Manifesto
“Citizen Kane” Manifesto

I started this blog because the fodder is there. I am struck daily by things that just seem wrong or silly in the world of business, especially in the world of management and organizations.

I can’t pick up a newspaper, glance at a magazine, or read a book without thinking “no, that’s not right”, “oh, come on, that’s ridiculous”, or “how can they say that with a straight face?” With PR machines working overtime, CEO’s fiddling while their corporate empires burn, and countless executives writing worthless vanity books, there’s plenty to talk about.

I believe there’s value in this kind of criticism

More importantly, though, I believe there’s value in this kind of criticism. And, no, I don’t mean some quixotic quest to single-handedly make the business world “a better place.” The goal is far more modest, and localized, than that. For I’ve found that, often as not, one can learn a great deal by watching others and NOT doing what they do. It is often through this sort of reflection (“well that clearly didn’t work”) that we gain our best insight in what to do.

So, in the fashion of one of the “100 best movies ever made” here is my promise to you:

The “Scale Your Organization” Blog Will:

  • Focus on the people aspects of the world of business, on the leaders, the teams, and the cultures of the world’s organizations.
  • Shine a light on the charlatans, scoundrels, egotists, and wannabes who lead (and advise the leaders of) organizations large and small.
  • Highlight the good, the bad, and the ugly in team building, leadership development, performance management, and human resources policy and practice.
  • Offer hope that, somehow, you can learn from this and make your own team a better organization while honing your own leadership skills.

Please let me know, through your comments on the articles, or by contacting me directly, when I succeed, and especially when I fail miserably at this lofty set of objectives.