A Light Goes Out

Jill and Family
Jill and Family

The world is not the same today. My long time personal assistant, Jill, passed away last night. She battled bravely against the cancer that started in her breast and eventually claimed her entirely. At the completely unfair age of only 37.

I am a better person for having known her, having worked with her, and having simply been around her. She was a wonderful person: strong, athletic, and warm, with a smile that lit up everyone who ever came in contact with her.

She leaves behind a husband and two beautiful young children. I know they are wonderful for simply having been around her, if only for this short time.

Even though I know you are finally at peace, I miss you already.

3 thoughts on “A Light Goes Out

  1. Lucy

    I am so sorry you have lost someone so close to you at such a VERY young age. We neeeeed to find a cure for the cancers that eat up the people we love.
    Your sister, Lucy

  2. Philip

    Chris, I only met her once, but talked to her many, many times on the phone. She was your true ally and guardian. My heart goes out to her family, and to you.

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