I have helped a number of organizations work through a range of tough issues. I can help your organization to:

  • Develop compensation systems that effectively mirror organizational objectives.
  • Develop performance review systems that motivate rather than punish.
  • Evaluate team and individual performance to “get the right people in the right seats”.
  • Recruit and retain the world-class talent your organization deserves.
  • Design organizational structures that work naturally without confusion.
  • Develop staff growth or shrinkage plans that won’t overstress the team.
  • Create internal communication plans that work to build teams.
  • … and many other common problem areas.

I have worked with large teams, small groups, and a variety of executives to tackle issues both company-wide and within teams. There are not many challenges I’ll shy away from, so check out the customer feedback on me, and try me on yours.

Contact information for Chris is available under ABOUT above.

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