Executive Coaching

What is an Executive Coach?

Perhaps the term seems like the latest buzzword, but an Executive Coach is not a simply a consultant. I do consulting as well, so I draw a very clear distinction (see About Consulting & Executive Coaching). A consultant comes in to an organization, analyzes the situation, and makes organizational structure or process recommendations. A consultant almost never addresses the stickiest part – the people.

Business People Sitting

When working as an Executive Coach, I take a whole different approach, starting with the leader of the team. I look to understand that person, their challenges, their goals and objectives for themselves and the team, and work from there. The solutions are in the form of ways for the executive to be more effective, making the team more effective as a result. The result is a more directed approach that involves more specifics and more action, and often ends up having more lasting effect.

How It Works

I will work with you to understand you, your organization, and its issues. Only then will you and I work together to develop solutions that fit you, your style, your group, the people, and its culture.

Many people have wonderful ideas about how to make organizations and their teams work together, the bookstore has miles of business self-help books. The tough problem is the application, how to make them work for you.

Unique Value

That’s my specialty, my unique value – I will bring my many years of experience to bear on your problems, fixing them at your pace, and in a way that fits you and your organizational culture.

Contact me today to see how we can work together to make you and your business more effective.

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