What time of year is best for reviews?

Set the time for reviews to be off-schedule from your main business processes, especially budgeting. The last thing you want is for your team to be overwhelmed with non-line-of-business work, or to give either budgetting or reviews short shrift. Neither your business, nor your employees will appreciate that.

For example, if you are on a calendar year schedule and you typically budget in the fall, do your big review right after the first of the year, with a “mini-review” in the summer. (See my FAQ on review frequency.) A typical schedule would be to set the reviews to be written and delivered in late January (due January 31), and then for the checkup review to be due by July 31st.

This approach lets you budget for the pay increases that will happen right after the first of the year. You will also have light weight reviews in the middle of the cycle, in time for managers to give their best guess as to necessary pay increases for the next budget season. See, there is a rhyme and reason to these things…