Tag: Recruiting

Fits and Starts

One of the challenges of hiring brainpower workers is finding that “perfect fit”. But often when you do, that’s when you should start to worry. In this episode we explore why the perfect fit often isn’t and explore how to insure a great brainpower hire.

Wonder Why

Interviewing brainpower workers is the search for intelligence, passion, communication skills, and a thirst for learning. There are lots of ways to do these interviews, but a softer touch is usually the key. In this episode we explore how to get the most from a brainpower interview.

Testing Limits

Hiring junior level brainpower workers can be overwhelming. There are simultaneously too many candidates and not enough good ones. Many organizations result to testing and other filters to cope. But this just makes the problem worse. In this episode we look into the limits of testing, and how to source great junior level talent.

Hunting Skills

Hiring senior level brainpower workers is much more than posting the job and sifting through the resumes. It’s beyond hiring, even beyond recruiting. It’s hunting. In this episode we look at two examples and see how to develop hunting skills.

AI Insanity

There is a quote that is widely mis-attributed to Albert Einstein. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. While the origins of the quote are uncertain, the sentiment is clear: if you repeat the same actions, you’ll get the same results. Anyone with [...]

Testing By Any Other Name

likebetter.com I’ve written about testing of employees before (see here and here), and it seems like a topic that just won’t go away. The other day, I made a comment on Matt Mullenweg’s blog about hiring and age discrimination and such. This prompted an email from someone on the cutting [...]

Recruiting’s “Big Billers”

Who is your recruiter working for? As I often say, symbols are everything. And is there a bigger symbol than money? If you want a symbol for the big business of recruiting, look no further than XtremeRectruiting‘s web site. Xtreme Recruiting You are looking to hire an executive for your [...]

Should I test potential hires?

One of the hot button questions these days is what kind of testing should you do on potential hires. There are a number of aspects to this question, and there are moral, legal, and psychological implications that need to be considered. First, it’s important to consider what type of testing [...]

Death of the Job Reference

It passed away sometime early this century, and only a few really noticed. I’m talking, of course, of the passing of the meaningful job reference. Sometime in the last few years, managers and even friends stopped giving quality feedback. Now, even though people are expected to list references on their [...]