Smart Leaders Slow Down

Who hasn’t had a boss who seemed like a chicken with their head cut off – running around, always in a hurry, always wanting more, faster, and demanding to know “why is this late!!”?

But smart leaders are often the calm ones, the ones who are slowing things down.

In the meeting, they are the one’s saying, “wait a second, let’s think this through”. They’re the one who steps in when the passionate start to drown out the more thoughtful with “let’s hear what they have to say”. And they are the ones encouraging people to take a break, to go home early, to use their vacation.

In fact, many of the best leaders are almost freakishly calm, pensive, and soft spoken.

Slower doesn’t mean taking a week to make a decision. It means simply not letting the frenzy of the moment fog your judgement. It means counteracting the relentless pressure.

Next time you feel like things are out of control, breathe. Let everyone weigh in. Consider things thoughtfully. Take the time to get it right.

Slow everything down.