Recruiting’s “Big Billers”

Who is your recruiter working for? As I often say, symbols are everything. And is there a bigger symbol than money? If you want a symbol for the big business of recruiting, look no further than XtremeRectruiting‘s web site.

Xtreme Recruiting

You are looking to hire an executive for your company, your knee-jerk reaction is to call a big time headhunter. Or you want to get a new job, and you decide to engage one of these superstars yourself. Some of the first questions you should ask yourself are: Who’s the customer here? Who is the recruiter working for? How important am I to this recruiter? This web site can help you understand.

The front page is a list of the “big billers”, people who have made a fortune in the last year as a recruiter. These people made somewhere from $400k to over a $1m last year. Not bad for a small company — but wait, these are individuals.

Now there is nothing wrong with success. But this web page doesn’t say how well they serviced clients. It doesn’t talk about their skills, what they bring to the table, how they will help you. No, it is a celebration of the “big billers” just for their acumen in bringing in big bucks. [Editor’s note: I find it wonderfully ironic that this site is a .org site, supposedly reserved for non-profits…]

It is a celebration of the “big billers” just for their acumen in bringing in big bucks

Good for them, but is that what you want? Sure you want someone who is experienced, someone who is good at what they do. But is that judged by their billings? Is that judged by their standing among their peers in their top dollars? No of course not. People who appear on this web site should be ashamed of themselves for waving their income in the face of everyone. And you should look elsewhere for help.

I have a lot of good advice on recruiting elsewhere. Trust me, “seek out the big billers” is not on the list.