It’s Really “All About the Money”

Wells Fargo Newsletter
Wells Fargo Newsletter

I’m a happy Wells Fargo customer. And they send me an interesting email every now and then called their “Small Business Roundup®”. It’s not a bad email newsletter, as these things go, so I generally give it a scan when it shows up. This week was no exception.

The subject line was “It’s All About The People”. Well, given my passion for the people side of the business world, I was eager to see what they had to say on the subject.

Perhaps there would be some words of wisdom about hiring and firing. Maybe a nugget or two about managing teams. Who knows, there might be a pearl or two about motivating your superstars. The possibilites were endless.

Imagine my disappointment when the topics included:

  • Feature Article: Outsourcing for Greater Efficiency
  • Feature Article: Take Advantage of the Research Tax Credit
  • Business Intelligence: Tapping Temps for Help
  • Solutions: Turning to Interns for Low-cost Help
  • Solutions: Bookkeeping and Accounting Outsourcing
  • Work/Life Balance: The Benefits of Basic Savings Accounts

Wow. I was dumbstruck. Four of the six articles are about how to NOT use your employees, and one is about how to get a tax write-off when you do. My favorite, however, is the one that somehow tries to equate savings accounts (that earn less than a two percent interest rate) to “work/life balance”. This is the definition of self-serving useless advice.

Four of the six articles are about how to NOT use your employees

Now, yes, I understand it’s a bank, not an HR consultancy. And I admit perhaps I was hoping for too much. But come on, a newsletter entitled “it’s all about the people” that is almost entirely focused on ways to avoid building and managing a quality team of people? Even the most jaded person has to admit that’s beyond the pale.