Hire Your Former Employees

One of the best sources of new hires is ex-employees.

No, I don’t mean that person you just fired. I mean the people you wish hadn’t left.

People leave for all kinds of reasons: child or family care, change of life, or even just for greener pastures. But life changes, so look at them again.

Who better than someone who knows your organization, who needs little training, and who you know can do the job? Someone who used to work there could be back and doing great in no time.

They too may look back fondly now that they have some distance. They may want to come back. But worry that you harbor ill will because of their departure.

So be sure you treat people really well when they leave. Never resent good people who leave. Touch base every six months or so and see how they are doing. Keep the door open, and let them know it’s always open, that you’d love to have them back.

Because you may never find a better new employee than a former employee.