Culture is by Example

The only way to improve or change the culture of an organization that you lead (or work in) is by living it.

If you want to fix a broken workplace, clamp down on ugly behavior, make people more respectful, hire more diverse teams, whatever it is, talking does almost nothing.

You can try to spread culture by word of mouth. You can put out all the memos, write all the most amazing blog posts, host the most amazing and enlightening all team meetings, even meet one-on-one with everyone. It’s all just words.

If you want to change a culture you have to do it. Leaders have to model the behavior. Have to be more respectful. Have to hire/promote more diverse people. And call out people who don’t.

To change a culture, the leader has to live the change. No exceptions, no excuses.

If you do it, people will see you mean it, and will copy it.