Born Leaders are a Myth

Leadership isn’t a genetic trait like brown eyes. Leadership is a skill. All leaders learn how to do it. 

Some learn it early in life, through family dynamics like birth order or sibling rivalry. Or maybe through hardship or trauma. Maybe by example at home or at school.

Some learn it later in life, through intentional experiences like sports, or camps, or scouting, or school projects. Places where they can safely try leadership and learn the skills of teamwork.

Still others learn it when they are first thrust into a leadership role. Often in a trial by fire, they make mistakes, follow examples, do their best. And emerge a leader.

But everyone learns leadership, it’s not innate. You don’t have it from the womb. Even those leaders you look up to the most, if you look back in their life, they learned it somewhere. And you can too.

So if you’re a new leader or are bothered by imposter syndrome, welcome to the club. We’re glad you’re here.