Season Two

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Hello Smart Leader, I’m dropping into your feed a bit off schedule to announce some changes here at Leading Smart.

It’s hard for me to believe that the next episode will be the twentieth of this podcast. It seems like only yesterday that it was started. That’s a lot of episodes and I thank you for being a listener.

I started this podcast in part out of frustration. As an avid podcast listener, I am constantly searching for shows on my favorite topics: leadership, organizations, and team building. What I find, time and again, are podcasts with a decidedly academic focus. The lessons may be good, but the perspective is always from this study or that research. Their look at HR focuses the resources, not so much on the humans. It makes it all seem so clear, so clean, so … obvious.

What’s missing is the experience, the view from those who’ve actually done it. People who’ve built large teams, been successful, and made the mistakes. Leaders who have experienced the pressure of a thousand decisions and nowhere near enough data to make them. Managers who live in the grey zone of the real world and have the battle scars to prove it.

To be clear, I’m a data geek, and whether it’s managing software projects or tracking my cycling miles, I love numbers. But when it comes to organizations full of people, the data and the research can’t reveal the whole truth. There are also the stories. In them you can see the perspective and the nuance that helps fill out the vivid details.

That’s why, when I started this podcast, I knew I’d have lots of stories from my eclectic career to share. Stories of my successes, and often as not, of my missteps. I have just started to scratch that surface and have much more to offer.

But I always wanted to include other voices. To share the experiences of leaders in this Brainpower Age. I’ve been fortunate to know a lot of them, and I’ve been looking forward to sharing their insights with you.

I’m excited to say that begins soon. The next episode, “Pulling the Plug”, on how to fire people, will be the last episode of Season One. That episode will be released next week and will conclude the debut season.

Season Two will begin immediately after that episode. It will feature a new look, new theme music, and more frequent episodes. Most notably, it will also offer many more viewpoints. The episodes will alternate between my perspective, and those of leaders from across a range of disciplines. I’ve already recorded three great interviews and I can’t wait for you to hear them.

So thank you for your support so far, please continue to share Leading Smart with your friends. Extra bonus points are given if you share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Stay tuned to this feed for Season Two in just a couple of weeks. And remember that each of the several dozen decisions you make today are part of Leading Smart.