Personnel Management Systems, Inc.

Most organizations with over a handful of employees need some kind of Human Resources help. But, unless you are a company of more than 100, you probably don’t want or need a full-time HR person on staff. This leaves you with an interesting problem: either you hire someone part-time or get a consultant.

Unless you are more than 100 strong, you don’t need a full-time HR person.

With a part-time person, you can find yourself facing some additional problems. HR issues tend to be a crisis when they happen, and the person may not be there. It’s hard to say: “can you wait to storm out the door until Friday, when Susie’s here?” In addition, the real pros in HR tend to be just that — real pros, and they work full-time (most I know work far more than full-time). So part-time help may not be a good solution.

On-call consultants can certainly be professional, and helpful. But they can also be expensive for routine matters, and they too can be hard to reach just at the moment of a crisis.

PMSI Website

So what to do? Many small firms use “HR Outsourcing” companies that provide HR services from recruiting and hiring to crisis assistance. There are a number of firms out there, but the one I’m most impressed with is Personnel Management Systems.

They are based in the Seattle area, but they also have an office in Denver. If you are small- to medium-sized firm looking for HR assistance just when you need it, you owe it to yourself to check out PMSI.