Leadership is hard. Let me be your docent — a guide to building and managing your team. I offer several ways to get support, all easy and done remotely.

Leadership Topics

I offer guidance on a range of topics, each based on a different podcast series. For each topic area podcast episodes are listed so you can hear specifically the kinds of content you can expect in your guidance experience.


How to recruit, select, and land the best talent.


How to decide, and how to take the action.


When and how to do performance reviews.


The importance, development, and communication of project visions.

Remote Work

How to make the best of “work from home”.


How to build diversity and inclusion into your culture.


How to communicate effectively with your team.


How to building or improve a great team culture.

Or I can create a specific guidance experience for your needs.

Several Formats

Three different formats are offered depending on the size of the group and the level of interaction you’d like.

Small Group

  • Up to a dozen
  • Email preplanning
  • One Hour Total
  • 40min Presentation
  • 20min Q & A
  • Customized content


  • One-on-one
  • Email introduction
  • Two 1hr Sessions
  • Hour 1: Exploration
  • Hour 2: Solutions
  • Bespoke content

Large Group

  • Unlimited size
  • 30min plan session
  • Up to 90min presentation
  • Moderated chat-based Q & A
  • Customized content

Or we can create a customized session format just for you.

State of the Art

Fully equipped to bring you state of the art meetings with the finest production values.

While Zoom is preferred I can use whatever remote tool your organization prefers: Zoom, Teams, Skype, Chime, …

Let’s Explore!

Contact me today to explore your options for guidance that can help you and your team be successful. Email: today.