Microsoft Changes Performance Review Scoring

Microsoft just announced a number of changes in personnel policies designed to improve sagging morale. Good for them. It’s the result of a year of work by a longtime colleague of mine and now SVP of HR, Lisa Brummel. According to the reports, she spent a year listening to people […]

How important are titles?

Job titles serve a number of purposes, and treating them lightly is done at your peril. Job titles help to indicate organizational structure to newcomers and outsiders, they tell people the relative importance of the person they are working with, and they reward their holders. Job titles serve a number […]

What time of year is best for reviews?

Set the time for reviews to be off-schedule from your main business processes, especially budgeting. The last thing you want is for your team to be overwhelmed with non-line-of-business work, or to give either budgetting or reviews short shrift. Neither your business, nor your employees will appreciate that. For example, […]

How often should we do reviews?

Immediately after an organization decides to do performance reviews, the first thing they ask is: how often should we do them? There is very real tension between providing enough feedback to the employees, and making painful busy work for the management team. Fortunately there is a good compromise that many […]