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Chris Williams
Chris Williams

I began my career developing software as a consultant and later as one of the principal authors of FoxPro, the famous database system. After Fox was sold to Microsoft, I managed several large software development teams and held a variety of progressively larger corporate positions, ending my tenure as the Vice-President of Human Resources.

I’ve built and lead teams as big as 1,000 from scratch, developed products that sold in the $100s of millions, and handled the payroll and benefits for a global Fortune 500 company with over 32,000 employees. But more importantly, I’ve also built and managed several small businesses of my own and worked with dozens of others. I have shown that I can bring big business ideas down to the smallest of companies with the realistic approach needed to make them effective.

I’ve refined my focus to the people part of doing business.

After 15+ years in the software business, I refined my focus to the issues that matter most to me: the people part of doing business. I have spent the better part of the last decade working with managers in companies large and small to identify, recruit, and get the most out of the people who make their business run. In one example, I helped a 30-employee service business create a compensation system that reduced annual turnover from nearly 50% to zero in one year while increasing morale, productivity, and work quality.

I am currently preparing for publication my book: “Out of Control? A manager’s guide to identifying and confronting project failure before it happens.” I hold a BS in Computer Science from Bowling Green State University, and live in the Seattle area with my wonderful wife of 23 years and three great children.